Umalia wishes you inspiration for 2020! So that by anchoring our business practices to our values and ideals, we can build a world we will be proud of.
Guests at Umalia’s 5th Anniversary Celebration in Montreal on Oct. 5, 2017.


The Power of Engagement

Umalia helps businesses realize the tremendous potential of their commitment to social responsibility for a strong and sustainable social impact and enhanced organizational performance.

We also assist non-profit organizations to establish impactful partnerships within the realm of private sector engagement, and we support them in making changes that enhance their performance.

One of the principal ways we communicate about our projects is through our newsletter, Stimulus. Please feel free to contact us with any CSR ideas, questions or issues you would like to explore!

Message from the Editor
Outspoken Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z are uniting to turn the tide in favor of corporate societal engagement

A tweet from Abigail Disney challenging the "insane" compensation of Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger has set off a firestorm of indignation among other like-minded activists who believe it's time for corporations to realize that their primary purpose should be to serve society, not only to make profits for shareholders.


Client Success Story:


Better Narrative

Mayer Vafi is a Gen X entrepreneur on a mission to help reduce pollution by manufacturing outerwear from recycled plastic.



Update on Climat'Eau project in Benin

We're moving ahead on all fronts, including awareness and mobilization, water treatment, collaborative governance, and a green business ecosystem.

Spotlight on
Papillon MDC and Mirella De Civita

Mirella is a new generation of "purpose-driven" business leaders who believe that personal values must be reflected in the corporate culture of successful companies.



To deal with a severe water shortage in Morocco, Umalia is collaborating on a multisector partnership led by Technologies Ecofixe, a Quebec company which will biologically treat wastewater while developing climate change awareness for local growers.

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