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Responsible Change Management

Analysis, Planning, Management, Coaching and Measuring Results

Organizational change has become a normal part of business life. Beyond the need to manage it well to ensure continuity and efficiency, organizational change can provide an opportunity to engage in CSR.

Organizational change can be implemented responsibly, and can infuse a company’s culture with an enhanced sense of purpose. Existing strategies can be adjusted and work processes reviewed to maximize efficiency and give an organization’s mission greater momentum.

Umalia in action

Our team acts as a catalyst to help clients plan and implement these changes, leading to improved performance within a framework of social responsibility. We review the organization’s structures, processes, practices and culture to implement the kinds of changes needed to produce the desired outcome.


  • A more vibrant, engaged and successful organization
  • The achievement of strategic and commercial objectives while maintaining or enhancing team performance and engagement
  • The recognition of being a responsible employer and a good corporate citizen during periods of change
  • The timely use of change to further social impact

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