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Employee Engagement and Growth

Design and implementation of employee engagement and development programs

In a highly competitive environment, recruiting, training and retaining talent is both a significant challenge and the key to business performance.

Studies demonstrate that companies with strong CSR policies attract the top talent and significantly improve their rates of employee retention and productivity. An even greater impact can be achieved when employees become actively engaged in a company’s CSR initiatives.

Umalia in action

We draw on our cutting-edge expertise to create innovative CSR initiatives designed to consolidate teams and enhance managers’ leadership skills.

We develop programs for raising awareness of sustainable development and fostering volunteerism that align with a company’s CSR objectives and encourage employees to get involved and grow their skills.

We also promote wider buy-in to the company’s CSR vision and greater understanding of the deeper meaning that vision brings to the company’s sales mission.


  • Improved employee attraction, retention and development
  • Profitable, sustainable and innovative practices for developing human resources
  • More attractive employer brand image and value proposition
  • Better alignment of HR, CSR and business strategies
  • A business culture that values social responsibility