Our Achievements


Health Partners International of Canada

Enhancing a Canadian NGO’s performance via a private sector partnership

The Challenge

For 20 years, Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) has been working to increase access to medicine and improve health in the developing world. The NGO carries out its humanitarian mission in partnership with the health sector.

Recognizing that its organizational practices were lagging behind the growing need for its services, the NGO hired Umalia to help steer the necessary changes.

Umalia in Action

We recommended that HPIC enlist its partners from the health sector in the non-profit’s efforts to achieve greater efficiency. We designed a multi-sector partnership model based on employee contribution. We guided the search for a partner, which resulted in the selection of IMS Brogan.


  • 20 to 40% gains in organizational efficiency
  • Improvement of two business processes that were critical to HPIC’s smooth functioning
  • Concrete results on the ground: rapid and efficient dispatching of more than ten tons of medicine during the crisis in the Philippines
  • More effective management practices, along with HPIC employee participation in the change process
  • A new partnership with IMS Brogan, which provided skills that supported the change process and demonstrated a deep commitment to the HPIC mission
  • Stimulating engagement and professional development opportunities for IMS Brogan employees.

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