Our Achievements
Burkina Faso – West Africa

Consultation and Change Management

Rallying partners around a common approach to change


Oxfam Québec representatives from 30 countries, as well as local partners from West Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East, including Niger, Benin, Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Vietnam, Cambodia and Palestine

The Mandate

Oxfam Québec wanted to coordinate its efforts with its local partners to have the greatest possible impact on reducing poverty and injustice in the countries it represents. Held in Ouagadougou, the aim was to align participants around a common approach to change and establish their preferred strategies for achieving change.

Umalia’s Approach

We led a one-week workshop on change management which included:

  • A review of various approaches to change
  • Identification of each country’s mission and strategic change objectives
  • Development of a common conceptual approach to change
  • Analysis of power relations and main strategies/levers for change
  • Review of change management approaches and related psychological processes


Oxfam Québec increased the social impact capacity of its local partners in the countries in which they operate and thereby maximized the reach of the funding they receive.

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