Our Achievements


NTD Apparel

Giving a company in the garment industry the tools to manage organizational change in an ethical manner

The Challenge

NTD Apparel, a Canadian leader in the licensed and branded garments sector, has to contend with the multiple challenges of the industry such as the globalization of its operations, increased competition, growing pressure on productivity and an awareness of the importance of ethical supply chains.

The company sought to approach the need for organizational change in an ethical manner, and seized the opportunity to reinforce both employee engagement and its CSR culture.

Umalia in Action

We designed a change management plan which included support from our team during the implementation and follow-up phases. We also built programs to promote engagement by senior management and employees along with programs for resource development through improved teamwork and communication across departments. In addition, we helped pave the way for the development of NTD Apparel’s organizational culture in line with CSR principles.


  • Marked improvement as demonstrated by key performance indicators
  • Increased organizational efficiency
  • Increased employee commitment
  • Affirmation of leadership at the director and manager levels
  • Ownership of change within teams
  • Coherent change management, in line with business strategy, objectives and values
  • Critical initiatives delivered on time and within budget