Our Achievements


Pega Medical

Transforming a biomedical firm into an agent of change to benefit handicapped children

The Challenge

With operations in more than 40 countries, Pega Medical was already donating part of its production of pediatric orthopedic implants to populations in need. The company was looking for ways to maximize its contribution to children with genetic bone diseases in developing countries, while inspiring the engagement of its employees and partners as well as its clients, orthopedic surgeons.

Umalia in Action

Working with senior management, we began by conducting an organizational diagnosis and defining a vision of corporate social responsibility. We then designed a flexible CSR strategy to transform stakeholders into agents of change and make Pega Medical a catalyst for their shared commitment to helping handicapped children.


  • Increased impact and benefit to handicapped children
  • Increased worldwide access to biomedical advances and new market opportunities for Pega Medical
  • Enhanced employee and stakeholder commitment
  • Improved corporate image for Pega Medical, which will be seen as a CSR innovator