Our Achievements
Benin – West Africa

Water Quality and Sanitation

Measuring water quality and formulating recommendations on sanitation measures in Sô-Ava, a lakeside community south-east of Benin


In partnership with Oxfam Québec, Oxfam’s field operations staff, multi-level community stakeholders and civil society

The Mandate

The Sô-Ava commune is made up of lakeside villages, many consisting of wooden houses on stilts. Environmental management constitutes a top priority given the importance of water quality for this community. The water has multiple uses, including transportation, washing, fishing, and human consumption. It is through Umalia’s own social responsibility in environment, particularly in sanitation, that Umalia got involved in this project.

The purpose of this trip project was to establish a baseline portrait of water quality, build relationships with community stakeholders and promote community engagement and educational initiatives.

Umalia’s Approach

  • Two visits to the region to understand the issues that impact water quality
  • Multiple baseline measures of water clarity, nitrate concentrations, and total dissolved solids
  • Meetings with community stakeholders and local authorities


Our visit allowed us to establish baseline data on water quality and to launch a community awareness initiative.