Our Achievements
Benin – West Africa

Strategic Vision

Guiding a community of 100,000 people to facilitate change by establishing development strategies for a 20-year period (Benin)


Municipal officials, civil society organizations and local residents

The Mandate

In the wake of Sô Ava‘s five-year community development plan, the network of community associations and the commune sought to stimulate strategic thinking based on local residents’ reflections on their future.

Umalia’s Approach

As part of our 10-year commitment with the commune, we designed and facilitated a workshop to help 20 participants establish a long-term vision and develop strategies that would better position their community in relation to its donors and potential partners.


  • A vision for the basis of communal development from 2015 forward
  • A discussion by civil society actors of their vision and priorities
  • Choosing and building sustainable partnerships for future results