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Change Management

Change is the raison d’être of organizations that work for social transformation. Moreover, they constantly need to reinvent the way they operate, which makes internal change essential.

In addition to managing this process of change to ensure their survival and their performance, these organizations can take advantage of the opportunity to articulate their primary mission and enhance the impact of their activities.

Umalia in action

We help non-profit organizations plan and implement change so as to enhance performance, create a better alignment with their values, and fulfill their strategic objectives, all with a view to having a sustainable impact.

We guide organizations through every aspect of the change process, ensuring that it unfolds smoothly. We review structures, processes, practices and the organizational culture to bring about the changes that will yield the desired results.


  • Sustainable, concrete, planned changes, in harmony with the organization’s mission and values
  • A more efficient alignment of the organization’s resources
  • A more vibrant, engaged and efficient organization, aligned with its change strategy
  • Reduced risks associated with change and the time it takes to make it happen
  • Achievement of strategic objectives while sustaining engagement and team performance
  • Timely use of the process of change to explore new avenues