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Multisector Partnerships

Selecting partners, creating partnership agreements, monitoring and result measurement

In a world where economic, social and environmental issues are increasingly complex and interwoven, collaboration is the key to real and sustainable progress.

Non-profit organizations that want to make a significant contribution to solving problems in various parts of the world have every interest in forging alliances with forward-looking companies with which they can develop a common vision and goals.

Umalia in action

Our international presence enables us to explore new paradigms and emerging practices in relation to multi-sector partnerships, within the framework of corporate social responsibility. We draw on this invaluable experience to help non-profit organizations build fruitful and innovative partnerships with the private sector.

Our support extends throughout the entire process of creating a partnership: defining criteria and selecting partners; identifying common objectives and assigning responsibilities, drawing up the agreement and the governance framework; and finally, implementing the partnership and measuring results for the company and the communities involved.


  • A dynamic partnership that has a sustainable and measurable impact based on the joint creation of value
  • A more significant social contribution with greater reach
  • Initiatives rooted in the non-profit organisation’s mission, programs and values
  • Enhanced image, visibility and reputation
  • Better stakeholder engagement