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Strategic Planning

Non-profit organizations that want to improve their performance and enhance the impact of their activities can benefit greatly from a strategic planning exercise.

This methodical process will help to clarify the organization’s strategic direction, set realistic objectives, and identify the measures necessary to achieve them.

Umalia in action

We guide non-profit organizations through a rigorous and comprehensive strategic planning process which entails:

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Development (or review) of vision, mission and values
  • Environmental and stakeholder analysis
  • dentification of opportunities, risks and potential projects
  • Identification of strategies, necessary investments and potential partners
  • Creating a roadmap for the short, medium and long terms


  • Better alignment of the organization with respect to its mission and strategic direction
  • A clear direction understood by all
  • A feeling of ownership and engagement among stakeholders
  • Systematic monitoring of progress and impacts