Our Approach

Our Beliefs

Umalia grew out of the conviction that the pursuit of profit is compatible with the pursuit of the common good, and that the strength of any firm’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is proportional to the results achieved. We seek to foster this virtuous circle.

At Umalia, we believe that companies can benefit greatly from embedding a commitment to corporate responsibility in their culture and business practices.

There is, moreover, the immense satisfaction of actively contributing to developing solutions to meet today’s social and environmental challenges.

Our work with private corporations and NGOs, as well as our respective personal engagement, is founded on the following beliefs:

  • Company and employee commitment to CSR is a powerful development tool that can:
    • Stimulate both growth and performance
    • Enhance a company’s image and reputation
    • Enrich its corporate culture and give meaning to its mission
    • Retain talent by stimulating employee motivation and offering opportunities for learning and growth
    • Generate strategic alliances and knowledge acquisition that can open doors to new markets
  • Anchoring CSR in a company’s strategy gives deeper meaning to its mission and helps rally employees to the cause.
  • Multi-sector partnerships between companies and non-profit organizations have tremendous potential for generating value.
  • Businesses and organizations need new models and paradigms in order to innovate and carry out sustainable change.
  • Actions which can be measured and which produce positive results stimulate long term commitment, and vice versa.