Our Approach

Our Approach

Umalia takes a strategic and pragmatic approach to corporate societal engagement and shared value partnerships, through change management and result measurement aimed at ensuring that the organizations we serve have a positive and sustainable impact.

Our approach combines the diverse skill sets of the members of our team who hail from the corporate world, the non-profit sector, and the scientific community.

It allows us to cover all the bases and intervene effectively to promote greater engagement and better results and to build solid and fruitful partnerships with non-profit organizations.

Our innovative approach is based on the following principles:
Developing realistic and practical solutions

We understand the business environment and the challenge that change represents. The solutions we devise take into account an organization’s available resources and its capacity to implement our proposed course of action.

We help management deploy resources wisely to help organizations bring about sustainable change and fulfill their objectives by taking the course of least resistance.

Strategic alignment

We help our clients to align their chosen approach with their business strategy in such a way as to have a sustainable impact. Our solutions are calculated to make the most of investments in time, money and human resources.

Systemic vision

We make sure our solutions are a good fit with business strategies, as well as with organizational and human capital. That makes it easier for the solutions to be implemented across the organization, as well as by partners, to generate lasting benefits for everyone concerned.

Result measurement

We establish performance indicators so that we can measure results and continually improve programs and partnerships.


We have a broad understanding of the issues and best practices in the field of CSR based on our knowledge of both the private and non-profit sectors, our international presence and our wide ranging expertise. This allows us to develop innovative models for our clients.

Integration of change management

Thanks to our expertise in change management, we make it easier to implement programs and get all levels of the organization on board.

We support your organization’s change processes and help you create a company-wide culture of social responsibility.