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CSR Programs

Vision and Strategy:

Assessment, Development and Implementation

While today’s companies are becoming more socially engaged, many of them do not exploit the full potential of their CSR activities. These are missed opportunities because a well-conceived strategy that takes into account both business objectives and human resources can optimize a company’s social commitment, magnify its impact on society, and improve its own performance.

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Our unique understanding of corporate social responsibility allows us to help clients who wish to:

  • Craft an effective CSR strategy
  • Review CSR activity with a view to having greater impact
  • Mobilize employees and other stakeholders

We help our clients clarify their CSR concept, realign their business practices and establish an implementation strategy that takes into account their particular business culture. We can help coordinate this implementation using proven methods for change management and performance assessment.

Evaluating and Optimizing CSR Programs


  • A clearer understanding of CSR practices, including stakeholder engagement
  • Improved alignment of the company’s CSR practices with its business strategy
  • A detailed optimization plan aimed at encouraging employee engagement and realizing better returns for the company and for society

Developing a CSR Vision and Strategy


  • An innovative, customized CSR vision and strategy
  • Alignment of CSR business strategies, targeting business opportunities that are linked with CSR practices
  • A detailed action and implementation plan

CSR Program Implementation


  • Tools and support to make your CSR vision a reality
  • Step-by-step implementation of CSR programs
  • Sustainable stakeholder commitment
  • Measurable results for your company and for society

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