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Private Sector Engagement Strategy

  • Assessment of current partnerships with the private sector
  • Review of trends and best practices
  • Development of an approach to and strategy for private sector engagement

The decline of institutional funding for non-profit organizations as well as the increasing competition in the field has made it harder for these organizations to bring about change and has obliged them to rethink both the way they operate and their approach to funding.

At the same time, the private sector must now be mindful of the social and environmental impact of its activities in order to respond to stakeholder concerns and keep up with evolving international standards.

Umalia in action

We use our extensive knowledge of the private sector to assist non-profit organizations in developing their strategies for engaging partners. We help them assess various types of partnerships, weighing the opportunities, risks and potential they offer.

We also assist non-profit organizations with all the ins and outs of implementing partnerships and change management to ensure the sustainability of the partnerships and their benefits.


  • Better understanding and preparation for the challenges involved in working with the private sector, including getting acquainted with the various types of partnership.
  • Increased understanding of what it takes to engage the private sector and of the relative merits of the various types of partnership.
  • An effective partnership with private sector organizations.
  • Greater and more sustainable impact both in Canada and abroad.

Our participatory approach also enables non-profit teams to strengthen their capabilities through knowledge transfer.