Our Team

Serge Demeule


Serge is a results-driven operations and information technology executive with a wide-ranging international career in the market research, healthcare, chemical, and professional services industries.

He works closely with his clients to spearhead the development of innovative solutions to critical business challenges. Serge skillfully manages organizational change to hone competitive advantage. He is adept at bridging cultural differences to foster outstanding performance by global and virtual teams. Serge is known for his ability to strategically leverage technology to optimize quality, cost efficiency, speed of implementation, and customer satisfaction.

Serge previously held executive positions at local and international firms in the fields of operations and technology. He served as Vice President, Operations at IMS Health and also held positions of successively greater responsibility in information technology, logistics and on the commercial side of the business. Working as a consultant over the past few years, he has been involved in implementing large-scale projects in Canada and Morocco.

Serge worked closely with Umalia on a project with Health Partners International Canada, an organization dedicated to bringing medicine to the developing world.