Our Team

Terranova Corporation

Terranova offers sustainability awareness campaign tools and implementation (including online training and enticing communication, reinforcement and evaluation tools) aimed at adopting responsible and sustainable behaviors at work and at home. Terranova’s products provide a foundation for the creation of customized programs based on internal policies and regulatory standards.

In its work with Terranova, Umalia brings content expertise to the sustainability eLearning series. Umalia is also Terranova’s partner of choice for assisting clients in the deployment phases of such sustainability awareness campaigns. Our team also works with Terranova to design and implement their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and initiatives.

Terranova and Umalia share common goals: to raise awareness around sustainability issues and help individuals in all spheres of society better understand the case for change and thus, make concrete and sustainable behavior change to bring impact.

Visit www.terranovacorporation.com to learn more.