Our Achievements


Crossroads International

Christine Campbell, Interim Executive Director

Crossroads International is proud of its new private sector partnership with Green Beaver and Papillon MDC to support the advancement of women soap producers in Senegal.

This partnership was made possible with Umalia’s expert accompaniment from start to finish, including the identification of appropriate private partners and the establishment of a relationship with them.

Umalia brought a strategic and realistic vision and demonstrated a unique mix of capacity building, facilitation and program development skills, alerting us to potential vulnerabilities before they happened and providing excellent coaching and counsel to help us achieve our objectives. Their meticulous, on-time approach and their proactive attitude made working together a positive experience.

We look forward to collaborating again with Umalia on similar initiatives.

Juliette Koudenoukpo Biao, Program Director

I have had the chance to know and work with Umalia in the partnership development process between Crossroads International and the private sector. This process was masterfully led by Lucie and her colleague Marie-José Surpris.

Lucie is a consummate professional who demonstrates deep knowledge of issues related to Corporate Social Responsibility. She has extraordinary communication skills both in French and in English. She is a true teacher who masters the tools and andragogy necessary to easily convey messages regardless of the type of audience.

Lucie has an unparalleled conceptualizing ability. It is thanks to her strategic vision and her great analytical skills that she can quickly conceptualize relevant ideas, taking a forward-looking vision. Lucie is very results oriented and knows how to motivate people she works with to achieve goals. It is a real pleasure to work with Lucie.