Our Achievements


Papillon MDC

Mirella De Civita, President

Among the many talents Lucie possesses, there is one that stands out from the rest: Her ability to conceptualize and actualize the impossible.

She and her team have developed a wide range of services to help leaders in small-, medium-, and large-sized organizations become more proactive in their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Not only will she facilitate the ‘thinking process’ and the implementation phase, she will also challenge leaders to reshape their vision for it to align more tightly with their values and mission. This to me has been the greatest added value for Papillon MDC Inc. When you achieve this, your company’s ability to outperform the competition is extraordinary. You realize how it helps improve your organizations’ effectiveness through the professional and personal “growth” opportunities it provides your talent.

I highly recommend Lucie and her team as your key partners in transforming your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for a greater return on your investments.