Our Achievements


Quadra Chemicals

Pierre Thivierge, CFO – Quadra Chemicals & President – Octium Solutions

Umalia has helped us to better understand and better target our corporate societal engagement and our community investments. The Umalia team supported us, among other things, in developing and structuring our employee volunteer program through a diagnosis of our community investment practices and a benchmarking with our stakeholders’ practices. By working closely with us, we co-designed our strategy that has created greater motivation and increased employee engagement within the company.

Thanks to the work done, we have been able to better target our communications and have realized how much our sustainability initiatives interest our suppliers and our customers. The result? Our employees are proud of the organization's commitment and we feel the impact we’re having in our community.

By working with a professional organization like Umalia, we have been able to grow our engagement with the community and by the same token we, ourselves, have grown. We appreciated the professionalism of the Umalia team, their strategic vision and their communicative passion for all aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.