Pega Medical

Ariel Dujovne, President CEO

Pega Medical is a medical device manufacturer based in Montreal, Canada, where we conceive specialty orthopedic implants for children. It is part of our philosophy as a company to do business (we have commercial activities in 65 countries) but also to improve the lives of children in impoverished countries. Over the years, we were involved in a few ad hoc social initiatives and grew very interested in developing a CSR program. We had the ideas, the tools and the network in place, but what we lacked was the proper structure to make it successful.
Umalia brought a strong mix of knowledge and experience to the table. They listened to what we had in mind as a not-only-for-profit enterprise and worked with our team to develop a strategy that bridged the corporate and social worlds in a way that resonated strongly with our own beliefs and values. Then they provided a detailed plan and helped us put the pieces of the puzzle together.
Three years ago, we formally launched our CSR program through which we facilitate the provision of orthopedic implants and training to surgeons in underdeveloped countries. To date, Pega Medical has been part of multiple missions in Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana and Cuba.